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Asynchronous AX.25 library using asyncio
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aioax25: AX.25 and APRS library in asyncio

The aim of this project is to implement a simple-to-understand asynchronous AX.25 library built on asyncio and pyserial, implementing a AX.25 and APRS stack in pure Python.

What works

  • We can put a Kantronics KPC-3 TNC into KISS mode automatically
  • We can receive AX.25 UI frames
  • We can send AX.25 UI frames

What doesn't work

  • Connecting to AX.25 nodes
  • Accepting connections from AX.25 nodes

What isn't tested

  • Platforms other than GNU/Linux
  • Multi-port KISS TNCs (in theory, the support is there)

Current plans

Right now, I intend to get enough going for APRS operation, as that is my immediate need now. Hence the focus on UI frames.

I intend to write a core class that will take care of some core AX.25 message handling work and provide the basis of what's needed to implement APRS.

After that, some things I'd like to tackle in no particular order:

  • Connected mode operation
  • NET/ROM support

Supported platforms will be GNU/Linux, and possibly BSD variants. I don't have access to recent Apple hardware (my 2008-era MacBook will not run contemporary MacOS X) so I'm unable to test this software there, but it should work nonetheless.

It might work on Windows -- most probably using Cygwin or Subsystem for Linux. While I do have a Windows 7 machine handy, life's too short to muck around with an OS that can't decide if it's pretending to be Linux, VMS or CP/M. There's an abundance of AX.25 stacks and tools for that platform, I'll accept patches here on the proviso they don't break things or make the code unmaintainable.

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