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linbpq repository

This is a work-in-progress Gentoo overlay for linbpq. Right now, it compiles on amd64, and it might have a chance of working, but more work is being done to beat linbpq into some sort of sensible shape.

linbpq will be installed as /usr/bin/linbpq, whilst its data files will live in /var/lib/linbpq and its logs in /var/log/linbpq. The plan is to have an OpenRC init script that can launch linbpq automatically at boot.

The ebuild script already sets up a linbpq user in the uucp group so that it can access the serial ports (for communicating with TNCs) and sets up CONFIG_PROTECT so your settings in /var/lib/linbpq don't get obliterated on the next update.