Virtual laboratory in which students learn the mechanics of mitosis, or cell division, through computer simulation.
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Virtual Biology Lab


The Virtual Biology Lab is intended to inform and teach students certain aspects of Biology in a virtual environment. Each and every lab also entails a quiz at the end, testing students to see if they have grasped the pertinent information. Labs include Cell Division, Biological Molecules, Enzyme State Diagram, and Meiosis Activity.

This project was created for Software Engineering (332-452) at Rutgers University under professor Ivan Marsic.

This project was created by:

  • Steven Lu (sjlu) - Developed web interface
  • Mike DiLalo (mvd366) - Developed flash modules
  • Nick Guida
  • Ryan Cullinane
  • Cady Motyka
  • Kevin Miller


Within this Github repository, you'll notice three main folders.


Under this directory you'll see a directory containing the flash source code. You'll also notice a directory called web. Within the web directory is a deployable version of the website written in the CodeIgniter framework and in PHP.

  1. Install a standard LAMP setup, nothing special.
  2. Create a username/password and database in MySQL.
  3. Write database credentials in code/web/application/config/database.php
  4. View the directory code/web in your web browser.
  5. In MySQL, add a section_key into the table sections
  6. Create a user account for yourself using that section_key.
  7. If you want user account to be a professor, edit that user in the database table users, Change student to `professor.


All of our report documentation is listed in the doc directory. Our design directory includes graphics, diagrams and more that were created and can be found in our documentation. Please refer to docs for any UML diagrams as they are the most up to date.


No unit testing, integration testing or data collection modules apply to this project so they were not added.