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A jQuery plugin to inject Etherpad lite pads and read the content from pads

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The Etherpad jQuery Plugin Example plugin easily allows you to add and access a pad from Etherpad in a web page. The plugin injects the pad contents into a div using iframes. It can also read the contents of a Pad and write it to a div.


Include jQuery.js, include etherpad.js, assign a pad to a div. If you get confused look at the examples in index.html

Example #1: Sets the pad id and puts the pad in the div


Example #2: Sets the pad id, some more parameters and puts the pad in the div


Example #3: Gets the padContents from Example #2 and writes it to the target div "exampleGetContents"


Available options and parameters

'host'     : '', // the host and port of the Etherpad instance, by default the foundation will host your pads for you
'baseUrl'  : '/p/', // The base URL of the pads
'showControls'     : false, // If you want to show controls IE bold, italic etc.
'showChat' : false, // If you want to show the chat button or not
'showLineNumbers'  : false, // If you want to show the line numbers or not
'userName' : 'unnamed', // The username you want to pass to the pad.
'useMonospaceFont' : false // Use monospaced fonts
'noColors' : false // Disable background colors on author text


jQuery Etherpad plugin written by John McLear (c) Primary Technology 2011
Feel free to re-use, distribute, butcher, edit and whatever else you want. It's under the Apache licence.

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