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I use Rdio a lot and I saw a lot of playlists like "iTunes Top 100" or anything related to iTunes, where people put this stuff in manually. Why not just automate this process?
+How to use
+`php itunes-to-rdio.php <iTunes URL> <Rdio Playlist URL>`
+Example iTunes URL:
+Example Rdio Playlist URL:
How it works
-Actually, its pretty simple. It takes in a URL from iTunes web service such as: ``
-Parses it, then places it into an Rdio playlist using the Rdio API.
+Actually, its a pretty simple script. I'll explain below. For now, this will serve as a design specification.
+- We want to ask the user for two things, the iTunes URL and the Rdio Playlist name
+- It takes in a URL from iTunes web service such as:
+- Because the above data is in JSON, we take the data and put into a associative array, where we can easily iterate through this data.
+- From there, we ask the Rdio API for the current Rdio playlist. Because the Rdio playlists are social, we don't want to remove it because we still want the subscribers there. Instead, we will remove every song from the list.
+- After removing the songs and preserving the playlist, we will now take our iTunes associative array, search for the songs on Rdio and then place it into the playlist.

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