Slackbot for responding to messages that match regexes
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regexbot: slackbot with configurable regexes

Build Status

Simple slackbot for responding to messages matching a regex.


  1. Create a new bot user to get a slack api token.
  2. cp config.js.example src/config.js
  3. Edit src/config.js to have your slack api token and selected regexes.
  4. npm install && npm start
  5. Try it out on a slack channel!


See config.js.example for examples.

config.js contains a list of regexes, and a corresponding message, or messages (if an array) to show.

A function may also be given; which is called with regex matches.

A simple search and replace for numbers in square brackets then fills in the matches - [0] for the whole string, [1] for the first match, and so on.

An example function is given for Jira, taking a config object. This function will connect to Jira, retrieve the message summary for the given case (if found) and respond with a nicely formatted message/link


npm test to lint and run tests