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WebScaleSQL RPM file builder

See: http://blog.wl0.org/2014/04/webscalesql-rpms-for-centos-6/ which describes the build process I started with to build WebScaleSQL rpms for CentOS 6.

The build script on this page attempts to simplify the procedure so that rpms can be built when any changes get applied to the webscalesql-5.6 git repo which is assumed to be on the same server.

Build Procedure

  • Get my WebScaleSQL build scripts:
$ git clone https://github.com/sjmudd/webscalesql-rpm.git
  • Get the WebScaleSQL source:
$ git clone https://github.com/webscalesql/webscalesql-5.6.git
  • Install the build requirements
    WebScaleSQL requires a newer GCC than that provided on CentOS 6, so one of the following toolsets needs to be installed: devtoolset-1.1 (GCC 4.7) or devtoolset-2 (GCC 4.8). By default the required packages in devtoolset-2 are installed.

To simplify the devtoolset installation simply run:

$ cd websalesql-rpm
$ ./install-build-rquirements

and this will install this and a few other required packages needed to build the rpms. If you really want to install devtoolset-1.1 then do the following:

$ ./install-build-rquirements 1.1
  • Build the rpm
$ ./build [/path/to/local/webscalesql.git/repo]

This will take a while and leave a log file in build.log.<timestamp>.gz.

The path will be remembered so you only need to add that once. Subsequent runs can just call build on its own.

  • If you want to build a new rpm after pulling updates on the webscalesql repo just run build again. It will patch webscalesql.spec and run the build with the new version.

  • Package naming
    I have now modified the package build procedure to version the package name as suggested by Steaphan Greene's in a comment on 11th April 2014. See: https://www.facebook.com/groups/webscalesql/?fref=ts. Given rpm does not like to have hyphens in the version number I have replaced this with a period, so for example the last rpm I've built now identifies itself as being version There may be a one-off version mismatch in the last digit, but I haven't had time to double check. I'm sure someone will correct this if this is wrong.

  • performance_schema
    This build currently does not include performance_schema (default MySQL build behaviour) as this has been disabled by default in WebScaleSQL. If you have performance_schema tables from a previous MySQL-server install, the table names will be visible, but if you try to select from them you'll get an error like this:

root@myserver [performance_schema]> select * from users;
ERROR 1286 (42000): Unknown storage engine 'PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA'

I will try to see if it is possible to build with performance_schema enabled, or make this configurable.

  • NOTE on RPMS for CentOS 5 I had a quick go to build webscalesql rpms for CentOS 5 and found a couple of issues. If anyone wants to provide me patches to make this work I'll happily incorporate them.

Feedback welcome to Simon J Mudd sjmudd@pobox.com.