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Command line NOS Teletekst reader for Unix-likes and Windows. Supports color and has an interactive mode.

nostt [page]

$ nostt 102
                      NOS Teletekst 102 
       N O S   B I N N E N L A N D      
 KNSB:woensdag marathon op natuurijs 104
 Discriminatiecursus uitzendbranche. 105
 Trouwen in gemeenschap goedkoper... 106
 Media geweerd bij oorlogsherdenking 107
 Baby Hannah terecht en ongedeerd... 108
 Lichaam vermiste Orlando gevonden.. 109
 Politiemol Mark M. meldt zich...... 110
 16-jarige vast voor liquidaties.... 111
 Mies Bouwman (88) overleden........ 112
 "Koningin van de tv overleden"..... 113
 Nederlandse olympiers gehuldigd.... 114
%%%%%%%%%%%%%% kort nieuws%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
 Treinverkeer A'dam kort ontregeld.. 121
 Vogelgriep op bedrijf in Groningen. 121
 Meisje mishandeld om hoofddoek..... 122
 Nederlandse skier (50) verongelukt. 122
   ticker 199              politie 147  
                      NOS Teletekst 102 


Displays the requested NOS Teletekst page on the command line. Pages are identified by a three-digit number optionally followed by a subpage, for example 100 or 302-2. All subpages are printed if not specified.

If no page argument is given, nostt runs interactively.

See the manual page for more details.

Known issues

Teletext's 6-cell (2x3) block characters are displayed as % characters as they cannot be accurately reproduced in a terinal without special fonts. (The NOS viewer and API uses a custom font with these characters in the "private use" 0xF000 Unicode range.)

Color ouptut is disabled by default in MinTTY on Windows. This is because MinTTY redirects standard output. Set CLICOLOR_FORCE to 1 to force color output.


Should work on Windows and any Unix, including Linux and macOS.

Mac users can install from my Homebrew tap:

brew install sjmulder/tap/nostt

FreeBSD users can install multimedia/nostt from ports or packages:

pkg install nostt

To build from source, first install dependencies libcurl and json-c. Then:

make install   [DESTDIR=] [PREFIX=/usr/local] [MANPREFIX=PREFIX/man]
make uninstall [DESTDIR=] [PREFIX=/usr/local] [MANPREFIX=PREFIX/man]

Building on Windows is supported through MinGW.


Sijmen J. Mulder (