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Kaizendo is about creating collaboratively authored polyscopic documents.

The goal is a web service that allows the management and creation of texts with "aspects", where each aspect is an alternative of the text that conveys the same message as the "original" text, but in a different way.

E.g. a textbook with chapters that have alternative texts written for dyslectics, for fast readers and for "average" readers.

To write such a text is a difficult and time-consuming task, especially when you want to support combinations of aspects while keeping a coherent narrative and language use across chapters and aspects.

We want to make it possible (and perhaps even easy) to write these texts anyway.


We're is still in the starting phase, and needs your help. If you're interested, have a look at our web site or join our mailing list or the #kaizendo IRC channel on

To get an idea of where you can help, check out the TODO.mkdn file in our Github repository.




To test the application, install any dependencies and run the unit tests as usual, and finally start the demo webserver:

perl Makefile.PL # or run "cpan ." if you have it set up make make test # generates test database

scripts/ -d # start server in debug mode

And then point your browser to the URL mentioned at the last step.

Running the test suite creates a database that you can browse, so you have to run it at least once.


Debugging can be turned on by running the tests as above, and then firing up the server as follows:

script/ -d -r


This package includes code from projects that have their own licenses:

jQuery JSON Blueprint CSS Framework Readability

Please see the respective project websites for licensing information and the opportunity to download the newest source code.