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There's plenty of things to do!

If you want to help, here are a few pointers...


Set up a REST interface according to the current spec, found on

  • Set up the commenting REST API
  • Set up core features
    • Show a chapter
    • List chapters
    • Show a chapter aspect
    • List chapter aspects
    • Show comments related to a chapter aspect page
  • Create templates
    • Chapter/Aspect display
    • Chapter/Aspect list/navigation
    • Javascript UI templates
  • Set up authentication features
    • User auth/autz, roles

These tasks are well suited for anyone who wants to get into the details of Catalyst and Kaizendo.

If you want to help, join us on IRC!

#kaizendo at


The app needs tests for all kinds of usage scenarios. Check out the code from Github and add your tests to the t/ dir. Testing the REST interface is part of this!

  • Create, read, update, rename and delete
    • Projects
    • Chapters
    • Aspects
  • Create and read comments
  • Comment invalidation and migration


We're looking for good example texts to use! If you know of any, then please add them to your own github clone of the project and send a pull request.

Currently, we have one example text in the books/ directory, where we'd like the following improvements:

  • Clean up the HTML so that it's valid and well-formed HTML5 (or an HTML4.2, if necessary)
  • Organize the book so that it becomes one file per chapter
  • Set up the HTML files so that they easily can be converted into Template::Toolkit templates.

Stories and use cases

We're also looking for creative and novel usage stories. What would you do with an authoring tool that supports aspects? Tell us!

How to help

First of all, you should know that we're a really friendly bunch, and that we'd love to have your help and support! :)

If you'd like to help the project succeed, tell us! Join the kaizendoers mailing list, and send us a mail with your thoughts.

More info

We've also written some words about our activities on our Drumbeat page. Please check it out to see if there's anything for you there!

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