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An openresty web application for TeX graphics that works in all browsers
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TeX graphics in all browsers

An openresty web application for TeX graphics (Metapost, TikZ, Graphviz) that works in all browsers.

No more setup for readers. It just works.




<mplibcode width="300">
  pair A,B,C; u:=3cm;
  A=u*dir(-30); B=u*dir(90); C=u*dir(210);
  transform T;
  A transformed T = 1/6[A,B];
  B transformed T = 1/6[B,C];
  C transformed T = 1/6[C,A];
  path p; p = A--B--C--cycle;
  for i=0 upto 20:
    draw p; p:= p transformed T;

<mplibcode src="" cache="no"></mplibcode>


digraph G {
    main -> parse -> execute;
    main -> init;
    main -> cleanup;
    execute -> make_string;
    execute -> printf
    init -> make_string;
    main -> printf;
    execute -> compare;

<graphviz src=""


  \draw[step=.5cm, gray, very thin] (-1.2,-1.2) grid (1.2,1.2); 
  \filldraw[fill=green!20,draw=green!50!black] (0,0) -- (3mm,0mm) arc (0:30:3mm) -- cycle; 
  \draw[->] (-1.25,0) -- (1.25,0) coordinate (x axis);
  \draw[->] (0,-1.25) -- (0,1.25) coordinate (y axis);
  \draw (0,0) circle (1cm);
  \draw[very thick,red] (30:1cm) -- node[left,fill=white] {$\sin \alpha$} (30:1cm |- x axis);
  \draw[very thick,blue] (30:1cm |- x axis) -- node[below=2pt,fill=white] {$\cos \alpha$} (0,0);
  \draw (0,0) -- (30:1cm);
  \foreach \x/\xtext in {-1, -0.5/-\frac{1}{2}, 1} 
    \draw (\x cm,1pt) -- (\x cm,-1pt) node[anchor=north,fill=white] {$\xtext$};
  \foreach \y/\ytext in {-1, -0.5/-\frac{1}{2}, 0.5/\frac{1}{2}, 1} 
    \draw (1pt,\y cm) -- (-1pt,\y cm) node[anchor=east,fill=white] {$\ytext$};

<tikzpicture src=""></tikzpicture>



  • Prerequisites

$ git clone
$ cd tex-graphics
$ mkdir -p html/images logs
$ ./ngxctl start



Soojin Nam,


Public Domain

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