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This repository contains ebuilds which fall into the following categories:

  • ebuilds modified from those in portage for supporting additional features (usually with new USE flags)

  • version bumped higher than those yet in the portage tree

  • fixed ebuilds for updated dependencies or where there is bug in the portage version which hasn't yet been fixed

  • all new packages not currently in portage

New ebuilds

There are many new ebuilds for packages that are not in Portage, many of them are "live", this includes for example, app-i18n/libphonenumber, as required for syncevolution to build with dbus-pim support. If anybody wants a stable version of any of these ebuilds, let me know. Also feel free to open Gentoo bugzilla entries for new ebuilds from this repository, just do please drop me a note.

I have recently removed nearly all ebuilds from this repo since it suffered from severe bit-rot and neglect. I am gradually adding back ebuilds I am prepared to maintain or if there is a request for them, but I'm going to try to keep it clean.


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