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portage-multilib add LDEMULATION to abi-dependant environment variables #7

LinuxDolt opened this Issue · 2 comments

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This change requires a change to a file in the modified version of portage itself (bin/, to a file in the overlay (profiles/base/make.defaults) and to the multilib eclass.

Since I have no way of getting access to all of these things, I've just packaged all the patches into a zip archive and uploaded it to my mediafire account:

Each patch is named after the file it's patching. This is the best way I could think of to package these changes, feel free to tell me on the irc chan if there's a better way, I'm always there, if idle.


Oh, and in case you don't actually read the changes, be sure to add something to the install guide about mips users needing to define their LDEMULATION_o32, LDEMULATION_n32 and LDEMULATION_n64 to the values of ${ABIl} or ${ABIb} for each of the three ABI's. I think I phrased everything pretty well in the make.defaults, so feel free to rip it out exactly as written if you want to.


Can you tell me, what this var is good for?
Additionally, why do you define those vars in make.defaults, when you actually hardcode the vars in the multilib eclass?

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