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Manage all your recipes in one app.

Let Recepturer help you organize all your recipes in one place. You can add, edit and delete recipes, and create meal plans. Simply type your recipe and all ingredients will be listed as you go.

Set up your shopping list and tick off all the ingredients you need. Easily order your shopping list according to your favorite groceries store.

  • Recipe authoring - Easily type up your recipes. Recepturer will automatically distill all ingredients so they can be added to your shopping list.
  • Create a meal plan - Add or remove recipes to create a meal plan. Ingredients are automatically added to your shopping list as you go.
  • Shopping list - All ingedients from your meal plan are added to the shopping list. Tell Recepturer what type of product each ingredient is and it will arrange them in the right order for you to pick them up at your grocies store.

Include the quantities needed for each ingredient as you author your recipe, and Recepturer automatically aggregates everything you need. Adding a recipe to your meal plan transfers over the required ingredients to a shopping list. Easily change quantities or check off items you already have in stock. Add extra items such as your weekly batch of chocolate chip cookies and arrange the product over different categories such as vegetables, dairy, condiments, grains, and fruits and order them according to the layout of your favorite local supermarket. Everything is self guided. There is no need to worry about maintaining database records or data entry you don't need.

How to use

  • Open
  • Use the Demo or connect to Dropbox
  • Start adding your recipes!


  • Recepturer can run on any web server that is capable of serving files over HTTPS.
  • Clone or download this repository and unpack in your server's www directory.
  • All processing is done client side, in the browser. Data is stored using the Dropbox API.



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