Advanced SmartOS Node Management Daemon
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Advanced SmartOS Management Daemon

asmd aims to replace a few bash glue services I have for my personal SmartOS nodes.

how to install

curl | gzip -d | tar xvpf - -C /opt

Available services

hostname service

Configures hostname and/or domain name.

/usbkey/config example for hostname service

## hostname

profile service

Files placed in /usbkey/ will be symlinked in /root. E.g. a custom .bashrc and .vimrc.

exec service

Files placed in /usbkey/ will be executed.

ipv6 service

admin_ip6 is now part of upstream SmartOS, leaving service in asmd for a while for legacy setups.

swap service

Configure additional swap devices, optionally remove the default one. Useful when you zones is on SSD only and you have a spindle backed pool also available.

/usbkey/config example for swap service

!! asmd_swap_additional takes a space seperated list

## swap
# disable zones/swap zvol
# add additional swap devices
asmd_swap_additional="data/swap /root/swapfile"

cron service

Inserts cron jobs in the root crontab.

/usbkey/config example for cron service

!! use "" around the crontab entries and * needs to be escaped!

## crontab
# monitor for faults
asmd_cron_0="0 10,20 \* \* \* /usr/sbin/fmadm faulty"
asmd_cron_1="5 10,20 \* \* \* /usr/sbin/zpool status -x | grep -v 'healthy'"
# zpool scrub
asmd_cron_2="0 2 \* \* 1 /usr/sbin/zpool scrub zones"

mail service

Configure a (smart)relay, with optionally authenticaton. Also alows for mails to root to be forwarded. Useful if your cron jobs give output.

/usbkey/config example for mail service