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JSConf EU 2018

I'm off to JSConf EU this weekend, updates to follow.

One quick takeoff

The "Live" Updates

Friday ☀️ ⛈️

6:44am, at Heathrow, way too early. Sat in a restaurant wondering if all the fog outside will be a problem 🌫️.

8:17am, about to board. Picked up a copy of Monocle, love the font they use, Plantin and created in 1913 by the Monotype Corporation.

The Plantin typeface

11:59am local time, and we're landed Berlin 🇩🇪, right into a 29°C heatwave, with a jumper on...

12:42pm, melting like cheese in an oven 🧀.

6:26pm, somewhere near a nice red train station, about to eat potatos 🥔. Spent the day wondering around Berlin with Kirsten. Visited the Bundestag too, amazing views.

8:18pm, from heatwave to thunderstorms, I've got no idea what to wear. In other news I can order stuff in German, but if they ask if I want a receipt my brain just shuts down 🤷. Off to meet the rest of the troops.

12:28am, we invented the Probably Not. One part German beer, one shot whiskey, topped with a wedge of pineapple 🍍.

The Deutscher Bundestag

Saturday ⛅

7:58am, super German breakfast at the hotel.

9:24am, conference is just about to start. Holy cow is this a big one!

10:00am, mention of frozen yogurt! In other news, loving how creative this is conference is ♥️.

10:27am, not many people like semicolons. The illustrations from the first talk on errors were brilliant.

12:48pm, learning all about how systems uniquely fingerprint browsers/users. Dark stuff.

2:29pm, off to hear about web development in China 🇨🇳.

It was an awesome talk, but I seem to have stopped posting the rest of Saturday from here on 🤷.

~1:00am, karaoke happened 🎤...

Nerds do karaoke

Sunday ⛅

10:17am, survived karaoke till about 2am before everything started getting turned off. Had a pizza slice on the way back. There were a lot of people who were only just starting their night about that time.

There's a couple of friends talking today, looking forward to hearing them speak.

10:31am, pay with your face at KFC China 🐔...

10:43am, just witnessed Charlie on stage use her mind to control a keyboard and then navigate a 3D space, so awesome.

10:55am, Gabi's time to shine 🙌.

11:30am, what a beautiful talk, "When you assume, you make an error out of you and me".

11:57am, some really interesting thoughts on our choice of vocabulary within technology by Brittany Storoz.

12:55pm, Adam's friend, Patima Tantiprasut, talking about Overtraining Syndrome. Always a healthy discussion, and learned a new phrase "hard yakka".

3:16pm, some inspiring talks and it's refreshing to hear more than just heavy tech during this conference. Time for a breather though 🌤️.

4:04pm, now for "Securing your site like it's 1999". Sounds like a riot 😁.

8:01pm, and that's pretty much it. Time for a party on a boat ⛴️.

Making old technology work with new technology, why not!?

Monday 🌤️

10:35am, just about to go for brunch at Datscha Xberg to wrap up the conference. Just people watching from a café nearby while the rest of the FT group meander over.

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