Model of the UK power system based on the Calliope framework
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UK-Calliope model


To install, it is recommended to follow the instructions for installing Calliope, which includes installation of the Anaconda Python distribution.

The included requirements.yml file lists the required packages.

The model is compatible with version 0.6 of the Calliope framework. See below for older versions.


The main model specification is in model.yaml. Timeseries data are in data, location and tech specifications in locations and techs, respectively.

To run the model over a week of data for testing:

calliope run model.yaml --scenario=run_test --save_plots=plots.html

To generate some sample scenario runs:


Older versions

Older versions of the model used in publications are tagged on GitHub:


Zone Map

A GeoJSON file and a shapefile with polygons of the zones used are included.


See Sources for data sources used.


Creative Commons License

This work (with exceptions listed below) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

License exceptions: