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Mental health chat bot
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Ahuna Bot


Chat bots have often been someone you check in with for a fun diversion. But what if instead, that someone checked up on you in your hardest times?

One of our teammates suffers from Anxiety and Depression. They had a rough experience being alone suffering from the panic attacks that accompanied them, and knew that at least 1 out of four people felt the same. We wanted to come up with something that helped with things such as panic attacks or traumatic events, even if they were alone by themselves.

What it does

Ahuna is a friendly chat bot that checks in on you both on the web and over sms to aid in keeping a positive mental state.

How we built it

Built using Python, flask, angular, and connected to chatterbot and twilio apis.

Challenges we ran into

Generating appropriate responses given a sentiment number scale. (Retrospect) Understanding the purposes and limitations of different apis.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Functioning bot interaction. Deployed website.

What we learned

Team development

What's next for Ahuna Bot

Improved Sentiment analysis integration. Potential for mobile platform.

Built With

flask, angular.js, aws, twilio, python, algorithmia, chatterbot
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