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The final project for Info343
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Marvel Cards

Marvel Cards is made by Samuel San Nicolas, Sarah Stanton, Sunho Kim, and Rachel Paresa as a final project for Info 343

About Marvel Cards


Create an account to keep track of your points and your cards. Choose a custom username and thumbnail that other players can find you with. You can also take a picture as your favorite character, then save that picture to use as your avatar.


Play games to earn points and climb the leaderboard. If you win, you can unlock cards which give information about the marvel characters.

Guessing game

Guessing Game is a fill in the blank style game. The user is given a character image and a hint, and based off that hint they guess which character it is. The more guesses it takes, the less points you get.

Character Scramble

Character Scramble shuffles the letters in a characters name and, with help from a character image, the user unscrambles the letters. This game gives less points the more guesses it takes.


Playing games and collecting cards is fun, but how do users compare to one another? With leaderboards, users can see which users have the most points and the most cards. They can search all users by their usernames to find specific people or can sort by points and number of cards.


Cards are a way for users to know more about the many Marvel Superheros. Each card contains information about the characer displayed on it.

The Project

Built on AngularJS with help from LoDash, Bootstrap, and Firebase. Marvel information comes from the Marvel API.

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