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Shiny app for basic ggplot geoms
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Shiny app for basic ggplot data visualization, largely used for pedagogical purposes. Please file bugs or comments/feature requests under Issues.

Run the app here:

Notable caveats:

  • This app is not meant to be a comprehensive data visualization suite. It aims to showcase different visualizations from a data-centered standpoint, for pedagogical purposes. Therefore, please keep feature requests reasonable.
  • This app does little-to-no sanity checking, and absolutely zero mind-reading. It's up to you to choose your input data and plotting variables wisely!


To run locally, you'll need the following packages:

  • shiny
  • tidyverse
  • colourpicker
  • patchwork


  1. Upload your csv file under Choose CSV File for plotting. Note this must be comma delimited!

  2. A series of options will present themselves:

    • Type of data to visualization to create determines which kind of data to visualize
      • For a quantitative option, Which type of plot would you like to make? will have you select one (or all) of several common plots used to visualize quantitative distributions. To view relative merits of plot styles, I recommend "Make All".
    • 1-2 more prompts will appear asking you to specify variable(s) to plot
    • For scatterplots, you can choose to turn off the linear regression line.
  3. Thanks to the lovely package colourpicker, you get to choose a custom color under Select color! This is the best feature, by a long shot. Note that this option will have no effect for distributions across categories (these are colored with base ggplot2 palette).

  4. When you're ready to go, click "Go!" For any changes you make, click "Go!" to update the plot.

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