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Computational Statistics book

A short example showing how to write a lecture series using Jupyter Book 2.0.

Creating an Conda Environment

The conda environment is provided as environment.yml. This environment is used for all testing by Github Actions and can be setup by:

  1. conda env create -f environment.yml
  2. conda activate compstats_env

Building a Jupyter Book

Run the following command in your terminal:

jb build mini_book/

If you would like to work with a clean build, you can empty the build folder by running:

jb clean mini_book/

If jupyter execution is cached, this command will not delete the cached folder.

To remove the build folder (including cached executables), you can run:

jb clean --all mini_book/

Publishing this Jupyter Book

This repository is published automatically to gh-pages upon push to the master branch.


This repository is used as a test case for jupyter-book and a requirements.txt file is provided to support this CI application.

Visit for information on how to build and publish a book.

  1. All configuration is in mini_book/_config.yml
  2. Add new files to mini_book/_toc.yml
  3. Build a pdf using a. pip install pyppeteer b. jb build mini_book --builder pdflatex (Do not use pdfhtml, this will have no formatting)


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