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Toy Go game AI



git clone --recursive {{Git address of this repository (you can find it by clicking the green "Clone or Download" button)}}
git submodule update --init --recursive

Install Vagrant

Vagrant is a middleware between virtual machine(provided by VirtualBox in this repo) and user. It can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux, which bridges the difference between host and developing environment.

Windows installation guide; Official guide. Note that Vagrant itself is not a virtual machine provider, thus you need to install one(VirtualBox recommended) before installing Vagrant.

After installation, run vagrant up under this directory(may take long time because it downloads the whole Ubuntu image).

Check whether you can log into this box by vagrant ssh(on Linux/Mac) or the way metioned in Windows Installation guide.

The virtual machine run in the box shares current directory in /vagrant, which means the common workflow is like this:

  • Edit files on your host machine
  • vagrant ssh or anything else to get into the box and cd /vagrant
  • Compile it and run tests

This virtual machine also maps port 8080 to host port 8080.


Build inside vagrant(recommended for dev/test)

Building&Runninginside the vagrant box is recommended for development and testing, since the Vagrantfile unifies the environment.

Log into the box. Then:

cd /vagrant  # you should see code in this directory
mkdir build  # Temporary directory
cd build
cmake -DCMake_Build_Type=Debug ..     # This step will generate Makefile with debug flags
# Or: cmake -DCMake_Build_Type=Release .. 
make -j4     # Compile with 4 threads

# After above steps binaries should be built under build/

# To run tests:

It is not recommended to benchmark built binaries inside virtual machine due to performance.

Build with Xnix or Mingw64/Cygwin on windows

Almost the same as above. Install libboost-all-dev, cmake, g++(>=5) or clang++ first.

Cygwin builds may suffer performance loss.

Build with MSVC(Untested)

CMake could transform CMakeLists.txt into MSVC solution file sln:

  • Create a _build directory
  • Run cmake .. -G "Visual Studio 10 Win64" under _build (Replace VS version by yours)
  • Open generated sln file with your MSVC, then compile

Keep updated

Keep Vagrant image updated

vagrant provision

Keep submodules updated

git submodule update


Toy Go game AI







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