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Slides and materials from GR8 US presentations
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added Mobile and Grails 2012 GR8Conf talk in PDF format
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Asgard-JoeSondow Keynote and PDF files for Asgard slides
Backbone.js and Grails - JeanBarmash added backbone.js presentation & pdf export.
Betamax Keynote and PDF slides for Betamax talk
CleanCode-AndreasArledal Clean code presentation PDF added
ClusteringQuartz-RyanVanderwerf Clustering Quartz slides
Future-proof-scaffolding-with-Fields-plugin removed .DS_Store file
Git-Core-Concepts_Ted-Naleid adding Git Core Concepts html presentation
Gradle-connecting-Jenkins-SVN-TFS PDF version of slides
GrailsInTheEnterprise-RyanVanderwerf Added material for Grails In The Enterprise talk
GrailsMongoDB-AndreasArledal Added mongodb presentation, demo application and demo snippets.
Groovy-Eclipse-DSLs Groovy-Eclipse DSLDs slides and source code
Groovy2-StaticTypeCheckingAndCompilation Groovy 2: Static type checking and compilation
Intro-to-Grails_Andy-Miller initial rev.
Mobile-and-Grails-ZachLendon added Mobile and Grails GR8Conf talk in PDF format
ModularGrailsWithPlugins-AndreasArledal Added Modular Grails application with plugins examples and presentation.
RESTGrailsPlugins_JeanBarmash added jaxrs plugin sample project.
StreamingVideoInGrails-RyanVanderwerf StreamingVideoInGrails Talk Slides Update


Slides and materials from GR8 US presentations

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