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A pomodoro timer clone
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Maximum Effort

Maximum effort is a pomodoro timer clone written in VanillaJS, HTML, and SASS. It's (hopefully) going to ring a bell when a timer completes, and send a system notification to the user.

My goals for this are to make something that demonstrates my frontend skills, and also to learn more about the notifications Web API.


Installation is simple. Clone the repo, install the dependancies, and you're good to go.

git clone
cd maximum-effort
npm run install


The project uses Parcel to bundle everything into an awesome minified package, and serve the dev version. Parcel is a dev dependancy of the project, so there's no need to install it globally just to make this work. You can also use webpack (the only thing that actually needs compiling is the SASS files). To run the dev version just run the following:

npm run dev

A production version can be built with:

npm run build

The minified and bundled production version can then be found in /dist. It will probably work just by opening in the browser (notifications won't though). A live version will be uploaded to this repo's github page once I reach the first release target. I'll also add a github release.


  • Vanila JS - Useful for the more interactive parts of the tool. Fast too.
  • SASS - It's like CSS but better in every possible way.
  • HTML5 - I cannot think of a better tool to use for defining the structure of my webpages. A+, highly recommended.


My self adjusting timer code takes heavy inspiration from Andrew Duthie's timer implementation. It's pretty cool, check it out over at his blog.

The alert tone is 320655-rhodesmas-level-up-01 by shinephoenixstormcrow. Used under the terms of the Creative Commons 3 Attribution license.


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.



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