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autogallery is a simple Python experiment to easily create accessible galleries out of folders full of files.
Python >= 2.5
Python Imaging Library
Caveat: Python 2.5 or greater should work, but only Python 2.6 is tested.
Python 2.4 will work if you don't have to extract supportfiles.tar.bz2. We are using the tarfile.extractall() function, which was added in Py 2.5. If supportfiles/ already exists, this function won't be called, and Python 2.4 will work.
Regenerate image thumbnails and zip
Extract the contents of supportfiles.tar.bz2 again
Do both --rex and --regen.
1. Copy and supportfiles/ to a directory with images in it
2. Run
3. Hit directory-you-copied-into/index.html and enjoy your pictures. :)
Simply copy the script and the tarball of its support files to a folder full of images, and execute python from that directory. A webpage will automatically be generated and ready to send out to friends. : )
If there is no supportfiles/ but there is a supportfiles.tar.bz2 file, supportfiles.tar.bz2 will extract in place. supportfiles.tar.bz2 used to be part of the official distribution, but now users are just expected to copy around supportfiles/.
supportfiles/ and supportfiles.tar.bz2 are established this way to allow for easy drop-in themes ... just copy someone else's supportfiles and you'll have their configuration and theme.
To change configuration options, change options in supportfiles/config.cfg and re-run
There's a lot left to be done here; this was a novelty script written about a year ago (July 2008) as an experiment with Python. The code has been revised a few times since then, but surely needs much more help and revision.
autogallery was my first project in Python. As such, a lot of the code is crusty/newbieish and needs your help. :)
AutoGallery was designed with extensibility and customizability in mind. We're using a templating setup and the tarballed support files for easy distribution of customized things; you don't have to use the (plain, gaunt) default index page if you don't want to. The hooks to add to your layout will eventually be documented here.
Available under the MIT license. See the included LICENSE file or . Donations are welcome, and clients are more welcome. See for donations and for information on buying things.
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