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15 src/linux_sea/12-servicemanagement.xml
@@ -377,11 +377,16 @@ Runlevel: default
<para>The local<indexterm>
- </indexterm> service is responsible for handling your custom
- activities which you have stated in
- <filename>/etc/conf.d/local.start</filename> and
- <filename>/etc/conf.d/local.stop</filename>. The local service is ran
- as last service before you can log on to your system.</para>
+ </indexterm> service is responsible for handling the scripts defined
+ in <filename>/etc/local.d</filename>. The scripts, with suffix
+ <filename>.start</filename> or <filename>.stop</filename>, are executed
+ in lexical order (of course during start or stop of the system, depending
+ on the suffix).
+ </para>
+ <para>The local service is started as the last service before you can log on
+ to your system. It is also the first one to be stopped when the system is
+ shutting down.</para>
<para>As you completely manage what this service does, I can't tell
you what will happen when the service has finished starting. By

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