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Use Cases

This document gives a set of possible use cases for the pmcs infrastructure.

Inventory reporting

Assume you want to keep track of (licensed) software across the organization.

Start by asking the vendor(s) for the OVAL definitions for these products. Some vendors will already provide such inventory checks, but if not you will find many of these on various OVAL repositories.

Combine the OVAL inventory definitions for the products you want to report on in a single OVAL file set (for instance, inventory.xml) under the proper class (stream/classes/windows/inventory.xml if you want to report on Windows-running products like SQL Server, Photoshop, etc.) It is not necessary to use this on a class-level, but most OVAL tests are written for a particular class - make sure to double-check the OVAL test you get.

~$ *oval.xml > inventory-xccdf.xml
~$ oscap ds sds-compose inventory-xccdf.xml inventory.xml

The inventory.xml is a SCAP data stream containing all the OVAL definitions that were in the local working directory.

Now publish this inventory.xml file at stream/classes/windows and add the following line to the stream/classes/windows/list.conf file:


Upon the next scheduled run, the results of the inventory will be saved, per system, as inventory-oval-results.xml.