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Various small code samples and mini-projects (of course, all free software)
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Small Coding

the small.coding repository contains small tools, scripts, XML/XSL sets, 
javascript and others which are all licensed under the GPL-3 license (as far as
it needs to be licensed, some scripts are too small to be licensed and are in
the public domain).

The following directories are available:

genmodoverview - Script to inform you which sec-policy/* packages you might need
gensetup - Script to automatically install a Gentoo Linux system
genoval - Script to automatically generate OVAL files for XCCDF
gxml2docbook - XSL conversion script from Gentoo GuideXML Book format to DocBook
hex2passwd - Tool to generate passwords based on SHA/MD5 checksum input
selinux-local - Local patches and fixes to SELinux policy not ready for global publication
selinux-modules - Modules I created 
selinux-upstream - Patchsets for upstream handling
se_scripts - Scripts to easen the management of SELinux policies
mglverify - Test script allowing to validate settings and such
mglshow - Script that easily displays (using scriptreplay) how to do stuff in the commandline
fileproc - Set of scripts to process files in a controlled manner
infratest - Testing scripts for validating if my test VMs are still working properly
mgl - Simple interface I use to manage multiple technologies
sw_comprbest - Script to run a plethora of compression utilities against a file to find the best one
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