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Demonstrates how you can customise the Azure Functions runtime environment and use them with Kubernetes
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Azure Functions running in customised Containers

This repository contains a simple NodeJS Azure Function that uses FFMPEG to generate a composite thumbbail for supplied MP4 videos.

Try it out

If you'd like to experiment with this solution you will need the following:

All the above tools will run on Mac, Linux or Windows :neckbeard:

In Azure the components you'll need to setup are:

  • An Azure Storage Account
    • Blob Storage Containers for Videos and Thumbnails
    • Storage Queue to use for triggering Function
  • An Azure Container Registry (you can also use Docker Hub if you'd prefer)
  • An App Service Plan running Linux
    • An Azure Function configured for Docker deployments
  • An Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster with virtual nodes enabled.

Your experimentation will be helped by grabbing the Azure Storage Explorer as well.

Running on Azure App Service

This is well documented by the Functions team on Microsoft Docs.

Running on Kubernetes using KEDA

This sample is based on one of the existing KEDA samples. If you read the sample documentation for that you will be able to figure out how to deploy your Function onto Kubernetes and use KEDA.

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