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Golang wrapper for Vowpal Wabbit
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A wrapper library for interacting with Vowpal Wabbit from Go. Provides functionality to:

  • Start VW as a daemon, from Go
  • Continually check if VW is in a healthy state
  • Send predictions to VW and return the value and the class
  • Stop the daemon

##Getting Started

// Instantiate a new Wabbit with configuration.
Wabbit := NewWabbit(26542, 10, "/usr/local/bin/vw", "model.model", true)

// Start VW as a daemon, with continuous checking to see if it is still running.
err := Vowpal.StartDaemonWabbit(true)

if err != nil {
	fmt.Println("omg the wabbits are taking over")

// Send a prediction to your model, and print the class, and the value.
pred, err := Vowpal.Predict("wabbits| height:32.0 weight:200.0")
fmt.Printf("Vowpal predicted a value of %v and a class of %v", pred.Val(), pred.Class())

// Kill the daemon
err = Vowpal.KillDaemonWabbit()
if err != nil {
	fmt.Println("This wabbit is immortal")
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