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Advanced SFML Game Engine, Designed to be Simple and Intuitive
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Project Nero Game Engine

The Nero Game Engine is an Advanced SFML Game Engine built arround Box2D. Its design follows two rules : Simplicity and Intuitiveness.
SFML (Simple and Fast Multimedia Library) is a cross-platform library designed to ease the development of games and multimedia applications. Box2D is a 2D physics simulator engine. It can simulate the behavior of rigid bodies in a world affected by the gravity.
By combining the power of those two libraries the Nero Game Engine offers an interface that will speed up you SFML game development workflow.

The Engine is composed of two main components : An Interface and an API.

The Engine Interface

The Interface (image above) allows to build a Game World wihtout coding. The Interface load ressources like Sprites, and Animations automatically. You can then fill your Game World with various Objects.

The Engine API

The API is built arround a Class calls Scene. A Scene represents a Game, from a Scene you can retrieve any Object created using the Interface and manage its life time.

#include <Nero/engine/DevEngine.h>

//Forward declaration
class NewScene;

int main()
    nero_log("hello world");

	nero::DevEngine engine;
	    engine.addScene<NewScene>("new scene");;

	return 0;

//Scene class
class NewScene : public nero::Scene
	    NewScene(nero::Scene::Context context): nero::Scene(context)

SFML Dev Blog

The Engine development is related on the SFML Forum. If you want an historic on the Engine development this is the place to go.

Follow the development Journey [SFML Forum]

Where to Start

If you are using the Windows OS, the easiest way to start is to download the Engine SDK on the website and then follow some tutorials. The SDK is built arround the MinGW compiler and the CodeBlocks IDE. It offers an already setup environment where you can start coding just after downloading.

If you want to work on another environement you can still build the Engine.


  • Website Download the Engine and learn how to use it
  • Twitter Don't miss any news
  • Youtube Find some videos here. There may be some videos tutorials in the future
  • Forum Ask any questions here

Release Notes

Checkout the Release Notes here

How to Build


Library Type Sources
SFML 2.4.1 built github
SFGUI 0.3.1 built github
Box2D 2.3.0 built github
Easyoggingpp header only github
Json header only github
Sol2 header only github
Imgui header only github
Imgui-sfml header only github
Sqlite header only website
Lua built website
Boost 1.61.0 (system & filesystem) built website

Cmake GUI

The Engine relies on Cmake GUI for for the build. Download Cmake here

Support the Project

If you like the project give a star and share with your friends.

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