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Install these dependencies before buiding and installing gridlabd and conpot

  • autconf/automake/libtool
  • subversion
  • python-dev
  • mysql-server (library and dev files)
  • python-mysqldb
  • xerces-c (library and dev files)
  • libcurl(ssl|gnutls)

more gridlabd info:


First, install mysqld

Set up conpot with:

conpot/sudo make clean (if rebuilding)

conpot/sudo python install

Set up gridlabd with:

autoreconf -isf


sudo make install

Set up libiec61850:


make INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local install

Demo commands

We'll do a demo with the IEEE_13_Node_Test_Feeder.glm

for GridLAB-D

cd gridlabd/3.1/models

gridlabd -D run_realtime=1 --server --debug --verbose IEEE_13_Node_Test_Feeder.glm

For conpot:

sudo conpot -t gridpot

start configured IEDs

Useful Developer Links

To expand the GridLAB-D objects we can interact with from conpot, one should see: