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Re-added wool colours to block parser

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me4502 committed Jun 19, 2018
1 parent 047783c commit 45f7b53c87536bc129989690a69faca8efa744e1
@@ -103,12 +103,61 @@ public BlockStateHolder parseFromInput(String input, ParserContext context)
private static Pattern blockStatePattern = Pattern.compile("([a-z:]+)(?:\\[([a-zA-Z0-9=, ]+)])?", Pattern.CASE_INSENSITIVE);
private static String[] EMPTY_STRING_ARRAY = new String[]{};
private BlockStateHolder parseLogic(String input, ParserContext context)
throws InputParseException, NoMatchException,
DisallowedUsageException {
* Backwards compatibility for wool colours in block syntax.
* @param string Input string
* @return Mapped string
private String woolMapper(String string) {
switch (string.toLowerCase()) {
case "white":
return BlockTypes.WHITE_WOOL.getId();
case "black":
return BlockTypes.BLACK_WOOL.getId();
case "blue":
return BlockTypes.BLUE_WOOL.getId();
case "brown":
return BlockTypes.BROWN_WOOL.getId();
case "cyan":
return BlockTypes.CYAN_WOOL.getId();
case "gray":
case "grey":
return BlockTypes.GRAY_WOOL.getId();
case "green":
return BlockTypes.GREEN_WOOL.getId();
case "light_blue":
case "lightblue":
return BlockTypes.LIGHT_BLUE_WOOL.getId();
case "light_gray":
case "light_grey":
case "lightgray":
case "lightgrey":
return BlockTypes.LIGHT_GRAY_WOOL.getId();
case "lime":
return BlockTypes.LIME_WOOL.getId();
case "magenta":
return BlockTypes.MAGENTA_WOOL.getId();
case "orange":
return BlockTypes.ORANGE_WOOL.getId();
case "pink":
return BlockTypes.PINK_WOOL.getId();
case "purple":
return BlockTypes.PURPLE_WOOL.getId();
case "yellow":
return BlockTypes.YELLOW_WOOL.getId();
case "red":
return BlockTypes.RED_WOOL.getId();
return string;
private BlockStateHolder parseLogic(String input, ParserContext context) throws InputParseException {
BlockType blockType;
Map<State, StateValue> blockStates = new HashMap<>();
String[] blockAndExtraData = input.trim().split("\\|");
blockAndExtraData[0] = woolMapper(blockAndExtraData[0]);
Matcher matcher = blockStatePattern.matcher(blockAndExtraData[0]);
if (!matcher.matches() || matcher.groupCount() < 2 || matcher.groupCount() > 3) {
throw new InputParseException("Invalid format");

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