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(Le français suit)

Lay that wall to waste! #antifagamejam

Sk8Border was created in Montreal in March/April 2018 for the Anti-Fascist Game Jam ( as a collaborative effort by Leif Halldór Ásgeirsson, Marc-André Toupin and Ben Wiley. It is built with PICO-8 (

This game runs in your web browser - even on your phone!

Fracassez la frontière! #antifagamejam

Sk8Border a été créé à Montréal en mars/avril 2018 pour le Anti-Fascist Game Jam (, par Leif Halldór Ásgeirsson, Marc-André Toupin et Ben Wiley. Il est fait avec PICO-8 (

Ce jeu fonctionne dans le navigateur - même sur les téléphones!

Play / jouer

Current build is playable online at:

Binaries for Linux, Windows and Mac are available on the


Check out the build branch

Checkout gh-pages

git checkout gh-pages
git merge master

Standard build (won't work currently)

Create a new web build from PICO-8 with:

export index.js

Standard .p8.png export (won't work currently)

Create a new PNG export from PICO-8 with:

save sk8border.p8.png

Minified build (because we have too much code!)

  1. Make sure you have python3 installed on your OS
  2. Download picotool
  3. Generate a lua-minified version of our p8 file:
/path/to/picotool/p8tool luamin ./sk8border.p8
  1. Now we'll have a new file called sk8border_fmt.p8. Don't save this, but we'll load it in PICO-8!
  2. Inside of PICO-8 run:
load sk8border_fmt.p8
export index.js
load sk8border.p8
  1. Delete the minified file: rm sk8border_fmt.p8

Minified p8.png export

Follow the same steps as the regular minified build, but:

  • Before step 4, copy the code comment from the top of the Lua section in sk8border.p8 (-- lay that wall to waste!) and paste it into sk8border_fmt.p8 at the same spot. We want this for the png export.
  • Instead of export index.js do save sk8border.p8.png.

Finish up

Commit changes:

git add index.js sk8border.p8.png && git commit -m "Built."


git push origin gh-pages

Back to master:

git checkout master


If you need to update the html content in the web_template directory, you can build the html pages by:

  1. Install Node.js
  2. Run npm install in the project directory
  3. npm run build


If you need to update any game text translations, they're kept in the game_translations/ directory. In order for your changes to show up in the game, you'll need to run ./update_translation, which will update sk8border.p8 automatically, using a compiled string format to save tokens. This requires Lua to be installed on your system (this version doesn't ship with PICO-8 so you would need to install it separately).

If you want to add a new language, just copy an existing translation file and modify it. When you're done, update the boilerplate in ./update_translation to make sure it gets included in the updated p8 file.


🛹 Lay that Wall to Waste! (a game about shredding up the border wall)





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