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KAT Control Protocol implementation
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This package contains a C katcp library implementation and selected
applications using it. Unless otherwise noted the code base is released
under the terms described in COPYING

The file in this directory contains a number of options,
edit to your needs. Then type make to build it. You probably wish to
do a make install on a per subdirectory basis

Most executables understand a -h option which provides some (terse) help

General purpose components:

  katcp       - the katcp library itself
  cmd         - send arbitrary katcp commands to a remote server
  log         - a utility to monitor a remote katcp server
  msg         - something to generate katcp log messages (glue logic)
  par         - similar to cmd, but talk to multiple devices in parallel
  con         - run concurrent subprocesses
  run         - simple wrapper to "katcp-ify" output of a program
  sq          - simple katcp sensor query utility which blocks until 
                a sensor changes to a specified status
  sgw         - a serial gateway to proxy katcp requests to a serial port
  mpx         - a katcp multiplexer allowing a single executable to talk
                to multiple servers, one at a turn 
  examples    - simple examples 

Applications for roaches:

              - roach2 server using memory mapped logic. Requires a kernel
                with a mmap driver and a roach2

  bulkread    - a utlity to perform a ?bulkread request

  fpg         - programming utility to load .fpg files. An .fpg file contains
                a bitstream and meta information

Project specific code, requring particular gateware and instruments:

  kcs         - a control server using katcp 
  scripts     - supporting logic to interface kcs to corr 
                (used by kcs, temporary hack)
  tmon        - monitor a local ntp server via katcp 
                (used by kcs)
  fmon        - fengine monitoring utility to poll gateware status registers 
                (used by kcs)
  smon        - monitor common server statistics


  wops        - (incomplete & ignore)
  wss         - 
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