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For Beginners: The Heywood Simulation Tutorials

MeqTrees for dummies! Ian Heywood has put together a great set of MeqTrees tutorials. This was originally aimed for the 3GC3 workshop, and makes a great intro for the MeqTrees newbie. Definitely start here.

Documentation & Tutorials (under reconstruction)

This wiki is in transition so quite a few of the documentation links below are still broken. Please bear with us while we clean things up...

A 2010 presentation (meqtrees-me (pdf)) on MeqTrees and the Radio Interferometry Measurement Equation (RIME) will provide an overview of the main concepts.

Intermediate users can proceed to read our reference papers, and run the 3C147 Calibration Tutorial.

The TDL Bedside Companion is as yet unfinished, but will help the advanced user/developer. For hardcore developers, the old documentation pages are available here.

For historical reasons, we preserve a Beginner's Guide for the aspiring tree developer (including example_scripts (tgz), which are also shipped in the meqtrees-doc package), but this is quite a bit out of date and now only conveys the flavour of the package rather than the actual means to use it.

Documentation for the LIONS ionosphere simulations package that comes as part of the MeqTrees Cattery can be found here and here