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The software control package for the ReAl-Time Transien analYser
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ReAlTime Transient analYser control package.

install is standard:
 sudo python install

  * run BEFORE doing anything else.
  * If you reinit, then you must restart any graphs or captures that were running (else scaling and timestamps will be wrong).
  * All calibration files should be placed in /etc/ratty1/cal_files. They are comma separated values with at least two columns, headed 'freq_hz' and 'gain_db' with the appropriate values. Do not include any other header information. The filename should be <myname>.csv and you can then specify this in your config file.
  * Config file lives in /etc/ratty1/<myconfig>. You can optionally specify your own config file with any of the command-line programs (, etc) or if you don't, it will assume /etc/ratty1/default.

Rev 0.1.1   Fixed a few little bugs that slipped through the cracks.

Rev 0.1.0   Shuffled stuff around quite a lot to make more object oriented.             
            Configuration files now live in /etc/ratty1/. A sample is provided in cal_files.
            rfi_time seems to have something wrong with the trigger points.
            rfi_time now performs csv export with optional histogram plotting (replaces three separate scripts)

Rev 0.0.8   Altered code to use configuration file at src/system_parameters.

Rev 0.0.7   Bugfix to with fft_scale/fft_shift when reading back files,
            New bitstream using new snap blocks
Rev 0.0.6 new calibration scheme (closer to corr)
Rev 0.0.5 now with ability to play back datafiles

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