Firefox addon displaying the power of request / response maniuplation api's. This example blocks Hulu ads.
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Adblock Hulu

Adblock-hulu is a firefox addon experiment playing with request / response manipulation. It aims to disable Hulu ads.

Try it out

A recent version of adblock-hulu is usually available here. Be sure to clear your browser cache before using it.

How it works

By listening to traffic on Hulu's webpage, we can inject our own ads into hulu's stream. I have custom tailored a blank flv file to replace Hulu ads with. This effectivly makes the ads 0-length, and is very quick to "finish".

Known drawbacks

Interactive flash ads use a different mechanism to determine how long you have to watch the ad - as far as I can tell, it is an XML file which tags along with the actual swf. However, these are rare making them difficult to test.


This code is only for demonstrating the programatic request / response manipulation provided by the firefox addon api's. Using this addon to circumvent Hulu ads is a violation of Hulu's terms of service.