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de7cc92 @skaes updated changelog
1 * added support for generating call trees using ruby-prof
2 * show length of freelist in gc plots
3 * make it possible to plot very large gc logs by artificially reducing the data set size
4 * changed logger handling to no longer set logger to nil as most apps don't test for logger being nil
5 * rails 2.2 compatibility
6 * support gnuplot as a plotting engine
7 * allow post and query data to be stored in raw form in benchmarks file
8 * railsbench command completion: complete -W "`railsbench commands`" -o default railsbench
9 * individual scripts now try to autoconfigure RAILS_ROOT too
10 * make it possible to add cookie data in benchmarks
11 * support for memory leak checking under OS X
12 * print detailed comparison of total garbage allocated per object type
13 * provide an interface to summed garbage per object type via :garbage_totals
14 * railsbench now requires ruby-prof version >= 0.6
15 * support for XMLHttpRequest. patch by Vít Ondruch
16 * enable specification of session key. patch by Vít Ondruch
17 * exit benchmarking when an action raises an exception
18 * new GC patches for 1.8.6 and 1.9
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