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This library generates and parses Universally Unique Identifier (UUID),
based on OSSP uuid C library. So, libossp-uuid library is pre-required.
OSSP uuid ( is a ISO-C:1999 application
programming interface (API) for the generation of DCE 1.1, ISO/IEC
11578:1996 and RFC 4122 compliant UUID. It supports DCE 1.1 variant UUIDs
of version 1 (time and node based), version 3 (name based, MD5), version 4
(random number based) and version 5 (name based, SHA-1).
OSSP uuid library is required to build and run UUID4R.
$ cd ext
$ ruby extconf.rb
$ make
$ sudo make install
require 'uuid4r'
puts UUID4R::uuid(1)
puts UUID4R::uuid_v1
puts UUID4R::uuid(1, :str)
puts UUID4R::uuid(1, :bin)
puts UUID4R::uuid(1, :txt)
puts UUID4R::uuid_v1(:str)
puts UUID4R::uuid_v1(:bin)
puts UUID4R::uuid_v1(:txt)
puts UUID4R::uuid_v3("ns:URL", "")