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Example Image Classification iOS App with Skafos for Model Delivery
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ImageClassificationIOS by Skafos

ImageClassificationIOS is an example iOS app that uses the Skafos platform for CoreML model integration and delivery. It's a good starting point for diving in, or a good reference for integrating Skafos in to your own app. Skafos is a platform that streamlines CoreML model updates without needing to submit a new version to the app store everytime a new model is ready for use.

This ImageClassification example app specifically integrates and deploys an Image Classification machine learning model. Image Classification is a type of machine learning model that enables you to categorize images into groups, and identify new images as a member of one (or more) of these groups. The example model that is provided in this app will categorize any image as either a cat or a dog. For more details about how to use and customize this model please navigate to the Skafos Example Models repo on Github.

Getting Started

Before diving in to this example application, make sure you have setup an account at Skafos.

Project Setup

  1. Clone or fork this repository.
  2. In the project directory, run pod install
  3. Open the project workspace (.xcworkspace)
  4. In your project's settings under General change the following:
    • Display Name
    • Bundle Identifier
    • Team
    • Any other settings specific to your app.

Skafos Framework Setup

Inside AppDelegate.swift make sure to set your Skafos environment keys in: Skafos.initialize. You can find these in your App Settings on the dashboard.

Now What?

Now take a moment to click on ImageClassification.mlmodel and under the Model Class section click the arrow next to ImageClassification and have a peek at the class that Xcode generates from the CoreML Model. Now, inside of MainViewController.swift take a look at the viewDidAppear function to see an example of how to load a model using the Skafos framework.


Skafos swift framework uses the Apache2 license, located in the LICENSE file.

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