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Commits on May 4, 2013
  1. Use "python3" plugin loader instead of "python".

    Enable it and use it from plugins.
Commits on Apr 30, 2013
  1. Change print statements to Python 3 print function.

    Also include "from __future__" statement so that the code will still
    work on Python 2.6/2.7.
    (In, there were only commented-out print statements.)
  2. Convert all tabs to spaces in Python files.

    Commonly used Python style guide (PEP 8) recommend against mixing tabs
    and spaces indentation; choose one style and stick with it or you
    might get strange bugs.  These files mixed the two styles.  When
    running with Python 3, this indeed seemed to cause strange syntax
    errors and it also issued a warning.  Unifying indentation style using
    Emacs "untabify", i.e. changing each tab to 8 spaces, fixed these
    An alternative would be to use only tabs.  The style guide's main
    recommendation however is to use only spaces; this is least likely to
    cause problems.
Commits on Apr 29, 2013
  1. Remove the obsolete GDK_KEY compat define

    Adrian Bunk committed
  2. src/ui/browser_tabs.c: Remove unused variables

    Adrian Bunk committed
  3. Remove the unused src/conf.c:is_gsettings_error()

    Adrian Bunk committed
  4. on_item_list_view_button_press_event(): Document nothing is done on b…

    Adrian Bunk committed
    …uttons >= 4
  5. item_list_view_create(): Remove an unused variable

    Adrian Bunk committed
  6. Revert "Make the second argument of liferea_dialog_new() const"

    Adrian Bunk committed
    This reverts commit 663c489.
    It would have been correct, but cannot be passed as const
    to gtk_builder_add_objects_from_file().
  7. ui_node_source_type_dialog(): Remove a write-only variable

    Adrian Bunk committed
    It also seems this was a small memory leak.
  8. Remove unneeded #include "ui/auth_dialog.h"

    Adrian Bunk committed
  9. src/render.c: Make render_parameter_free() static

    Adrian Bunk committed
    Even when render_parameter_new() was called elsewhere,
    render_parameter_free() is always called through render_xml().
  10. More const-ification

    Adrian Bunk committed
  11. Make the second argument of liferea_dialog_new() const

    Adrian Bunk committed
  12. item_history_add(): Remove an unused variable

    Adrian Bunk committed
  13. src/item_history.c must #include "ui/liferea_shell.h"

    Adrian Bunk committed
    for getting the prototype of liferea_shell_update_history_actions()
  14. src/dbus.h: Correct two function prototypes

    Adrian Bunk committed
  15. src/db.c: Remove unused variables

    Adrian Bunk committed
  16. ui_popup_node_menu(): Remove an unused variable

    Adrian Bunk committed
  17. ui_popup_node_menu(): Explicitly enable addChildren for the root node

    Adrian Bunk committed
    Previously the value of addChildren was semi-random (the variable
    was never initizlized).
Commits on Apr 28, 2013
  1. @lwindolf
  2. .gitignore: add ar-lib (from automake)

    Adrian Bunk committed
  3. Updated the default feedlists

    Adrian Bunk committed
    The Russian feedlist was in a state where deletion was the best option.
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