Adds a Run Script phase to an Xcode project.
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This microtool, despite its very generic name, currently only performs one very specific task: adds a Run Script phase to an Xcode project.

The use case is when you have an ephemeral Xcode project that is regenerated by Swift Package Manager and you want to add a Run Script phase to integrate SwiftLint.


$ xcodeproj-modify MyProject.xcodeproj add-run-script-phase MyTarget swiftlint

This will edit your Xcode project MyProject.xcodeproj and add a Run Script phase to the MyTarget target that runs swiftlint. Since you specify the script as a command line parameter to the tool, it gets unwieldy if it's a lot of code, so in that case I'd recommend putting it in a script and pass that as the code to add-run-script-phase.


Using Mint:

$ mint install skagedal/xcodeproj-modify

You may also add the tool as a SPM dependency in your Package.swift and then run it with swift run xcodeproj-modify. As an example, see how this is done in my tool (, Package.swift).