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Mods list

Bellow the list of known mods:

  • ConsoleMod: adds a console window to Buildron and let you monitor his events.

  • Classic Mods

    • BuildMod: represents each build as part of totem.
    • CameraMod: auto position of camera to show all builds and users.
    • EasterEggMod: surprise.
    • EnvironmentMod: the classic Tron style floor.
    • SoundMod: the classic explosion sounds and allow change the sounds for each user.
    • UserMod: each user is represented by a robot and an avatar.
  • SlackBotMod: adds a bot to your Slack that acts as Buildron and your team can interact with it, like filter builds, sort builds, move camera, receive build status change notifications and taking screenshots.

  • ToastyMod: the Mortal Kombat "Toasty!" easter egg that can be configured to show on build success, running or failed.

I developed a Buildron mod, how can I add it in this list?

Please, send me a message at @ogiacomelli with the link of your mod's repository.