Mods Introduction

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Buildron support mods, in fact about everything you see or listen in Buildron is a mod.

Where can I see some Buildron mods in action?

Execute Buildron.

You'll see a button on left-bottom corner with the text "6 mods", click on it and you'll see the list of loaded mods and the preferences of each mod.

Go back to main screen and hit the "Play" button.

If you don't have a CI server to connect right now, just type TEST_MODE on server IP and type anything in username and password.

About everything you see after hit "Play" button are made by mods.

Close Buildron.

Classic Mods

When you download Buildron from our release page you download too 6 classic mods:

  • BuildMod
  • CameraMod
  • EasterEggMod
  • EnvironmentMod
  • SoundMod
  • UserMod

All these mods are implemented on Buildron-Classic-Mods.

Mods folder

Mods are loading from a special folder called "Mods", these folder is related to the Buildron executable path:

  • Mac: Buildron.App\Mods (the "Mods" should be inside Choose "Show package contents")
  • Linux and Win: "Mods" folder should be in same folder of Buildron executable.

If you want to load a new mod, just put the mod folder inside the "Mods" folder. If you want to remove a mod, just remove it folder from "Mods" folder or add the suffix ".disabled" to the mod folder name.

Mods preferences

When you open Buildron, you can see what mods are loaded in the left-bottom button "mods", click on it to see the mods list and change each mod preference.

Building new mods

If you want to create your own mod to Buildron, see our tutorial "Creating a mod".

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