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License: LGPL v3

GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) version 3. See the file COPYING.Lesser.


Requirements slide deck

Initial project overview video

Python Style Guide

Clone and install repo/workbench

$ mkdir ~/.FreeCAD/Mod
$ cd ~/.FreeCAD/Mod

Install hard dependency for PVC frames.

$ git clone

Install the D3D workbench.

$ git clone

Create a soft link in your home directory to make it easier to add things like icons from the file browser windows.

$ cd
$ ln -s ~/.FreeCAD/Mod/ .

Useful API doc links

These are actually quite helpful:

Scripting Basics

PySide (i.e., QtGui)

Python Scripting Tutorial Help->Automatic python modules documentation. This is probably what you really want after reading the basic scripting tutorials. However, the thing I've found most helpful is using the interactive python console as introduced in Scripting Basics


Part Module

Part Scripting

The Category:API page has a more browseable list of API docs for a small set of modules than the main API index pages. FreeCAD and FreeCADGui are the main ones to took at, starting out.

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