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MetaCPAN::Favorite - consume MetaCPAN recent favorite


use MetaCPAN::Favorite;

my $metacpan = => "./cache.txt");
my $favorite = Supply.interval(60).map({ $metacpan.Supply }).flat;

react {
  whenever $favorite -> %fav {
    my $name = %fav<name>; # Plack
    my $user = %fav<user>; # SKAJI (the user who favorites Plack, can be undef)
    my $date = %fav<date>; # 2016-08-05T07:49:15.000Z
    my $url  = %fav<url>;  #

    $user //= "anonymous";
    tweet("$name++ by $user, $url"); # or, whatever you want


MetaCPAN::Favorite helps you consume MetaCPAN recent favorite page.


I want to learn how to do concurrency and asynchronous programming in Perl6. More precisely, I want to learn how to use Supply, Channel, Promise, react, whenever, supply.... in Perl6.

Your advice will be highly appreciated.


Shoichi Kaji


Copyright 2016 Shoichi Kaji

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.