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Perl syntax checker Build Status

This is a Perl syntax checker, especially for ale.

Integrate with vim-plug and ale

Here is how to integrate with vim-plug and ale.

call plug#begin('~/.vim/plugged')
Plug 'w0rp/ale'
Plug 'skaji/syntax-check-perl'
call plug#end()

let g:ale_linters = { 'perl': ['syntax-check'] }


If you write Perl a lot, then I assume you have your own favorite for how to check Perl code. You can set config file for syntax-check:

let g:ale_perl_syntax_check_config = expand('~/.vim/')

" there is also my favorite, and you can use it:)
let g:ale_perl_syntax_check_config = g:plug_home . '/syntax-check-perl/config/'

" add arbitrary perl executable names. defaults to "perl"
let g:ale_perl_syntax_check_executable = 'my-perl'

The config files are written in Perl, so you can do whatever you want. :) See

Adding libs to @INC

By default we try to add lib, t/lib, xt/lib and local/lib/perl5 to @INC when attempting to compile your code. Depending on how you work, this may not be what you want. The good news is that you can manage this via the Perl config file. See also for more detailed information on how to do this.


You should be aware that we use the -c flag to see if perl code compiles. This does not execute all of the code in a file, but it does run BEGIN and CHECK blocks. See perl --help and StackOverflow.


You can use :ALEInfo in vim to troubleshoot Ale plugins. Scroll to the bottom of the :ALEInfo output to find any errors which may have been produced by this plugin.


Shoichi Kaji


The same as perl

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