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robowriter is a simple AJAX driven theme for the Ghost blogging platform released under the MIT License. robowriter is based on Rory Gibsons Ghostwriter theme — see more of his works at

View a demo of robowriter

Download robowriter


  • Supports Ghost 0.9.
  • Clean typography focused design, featuring Roboto Slab and URW Garamond.
  • Fully responsive (includes fitvid.js for responsive video embeds).
  • AJAX loading for fast, smooth transitions between posts and pages.
  • SASS files included — see assets/sass/style.scss.
  • Static page support.
  • Featured post support.
  • Optional LaTeX support via MathJax
  • Optional highlighting support via Prism or highlight.js.

Static Pages and Navigation

Ghost 0.4 introduced static pages which you can use for making pages separate from your list of blog posts. There isn't however a way to output a list of static pages for navigation yet so you'll need to edit the navigation menu in the default.hbs file yourself. The HTML for the menu starts on line 37 of the default.hbs file and contains an example About menu item on line 40.


robowriter uses URW Garamond as main font. The TrueType font files are included in this repository and are licensed under the Aladdin Free Public License.

robowriter uses the free Adobe Source Code Pro fonts for display of inline and performed code. The font is included from Google Fonts.


The Browse Posts link isn't working

If you're having trouble with the browse posts link not working make sure you're using the currect URL for your environment in your Ghost config.js file. I.e. if your Ghost site is being served on make sure you use exactly that URL in your config.js file and not for example


Ghostwriter home page


A simple AJAX driven Ghost theme, serif-flavoured.




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