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SKALE Network

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  1. Elastic sidechains

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  2. SKALE BFT consensus is universal, modern, modular, high-performance, asynchronous, provably-secure, agent-based Proof-of-Stake blockchain consensus engine in C++ 17. Used by SKALE elastic blockchai…

    C++ 55 17

  3. Solidity-compatible BLS signatures, threshold encryption, distributed key generation library in modern C++. Actively maintained and used by SKALE for consensus, distributed random number gen, inter…

    C++ 77 23

  4. SKALED is SKALE Ethereum-compatible, high performance C++ Proof-of-Stake client, tools and libraries. Uses SKALE consensus as a blockchain consensus core. Implements file storage and retrieval as a…

    C++ 61 14

  5. sgxwallet is the first-ever opensource high-performance hardware secure crypto wallet that is based on Intel SGX technology. First opensource product on Intel SGX whitelist. Scales to 100,000+ tran…

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  6. A set of ETH mainnet smart contracts that manages SKALE validator network, for SKALE node registration, schain creation, bounties, delegation, distributed key generation and service level agreements

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